Approaches to participatory governance of cultural institutions

About the project: The project aims to develop strategic approaches to participatory governance of innovative cultural institutions by fostering their active involvement in planning, decision-making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies.

About the organization: Kultura Nova Foundation is a public foundation committed to promoting and developing civil society in Croatia in the field of contemporary arts and culture.

Expected results:

·         Participatory governance models and innovative cultural institutions in Europe will be mapped and analysed.


·         Capacities of relevant stakeholders (public authorities and institutions, creative industries, civil society organisations and local communities) on emerging participatory governance mechanisms are reinforced.


·         Participatory Governance Guidebook for Innovative Models of Cultural Institutions is produced and disseminated to relevant stakeholders.


Main activities:

·         Reviewing and mapping best practices of participatory governance of innovative cultural institutions in Croatia and across Europe.

·         Strengthening the capacities of 150 relevant stakeholders on participatory governance mechanisms through 2 coaching sessions and 7 intensive knowledge sharing sessions, as well as 7 capacity building workshops.

·         Producing a Participatory Governance Guidebook for Innovative Models of Cultural Institutions.


How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?

·         Contributes to the introduction of better informed cultural policies to promote the development of a dynamic cultural sector – The creation of a policy guidebook as well as the implementation of capacity-building workshops are instrumental in ensuring effective policy interventions to develop a competitive and dynamic local cultural and creative sector.


·         Encourages dialogue and fosters cooperation – sharing information and experiences between key stakeholders will improve good governance in the cultural and creative industries sector.

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