Nationalité: Soudan du Sud
UN Working Languages:
English, Arabic

Mr Francis Moga Henry Laki has been working as a community youth volunteer leader. He has attracted 31 young members to found Rio Music & Film’s Production Industry Association South Sudan (RMFPIASS) as a national non-political, non-religious, non-profit and non-governmental organization in 2019. RMFPIASS focuses on developing South Sudan’s cultural diversity through free talents research programs, music and dancing training centers, drama and film acting, comedy, sports, education, as well as vocational training centers. Its objective is to fight poverty among the youth and to foster better relationships, livelihoods, easy empowerment, community rehabilitation, reconstruction, peace building mechanisms, conflict mitigation and resolution, development activities, community mobilization, awareness and emergency responses through music and film production. Currently, RMFPIASS is looking for financial assistance and grant funding for the implementation of its activities.