Art Exhibitions for Cultural Expression and Flow of Cultural Goods

Ethiopian Visual Artists Association,, +251911612767
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The Ethiopian Visual Artists Association (EVAA) believes that any development process has an important component of the art. Therefore, EVAA has been takings the initiative to improve quality of life and reduce inequality through different art exhibitions around the country, while creating income-generating opportunities to financially help its members and other local artists. The Ethiopian Visual Artists Association has organized the following six art exhibitions: 1. TITLE: “Art for Peace Social Development” VENUE: Millennium Hall - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia EXHIBITORS: 99 local artists PARTNERS: Ethiopian Ministry of Peace 2. TITLE: “Ye’Emiyen Le’Emiye” VENUE: Millennium Hall - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia EXHIBITORS: 60 local artists PARTNERS: Ethiopian Ministry of Revenues 3. TITLE: “Adwa Pan-Africanism” VENUE: City of Adwa and Addis Ababa EXHIBITORS: 32 local artists PARTNERS: National Theater and Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism 4. TITLE: “Fundraising for Local Immigrants” VENUE: Alliance Ethio-Francaise and Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa EXHIBITORS: 60 Local Immigrants PARTNERS: Ethiopian Red Cross Society 5. TITLE: “The First Solo Stamp Exhibition” VENUE: Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa EXHIBITORS: The Late Artist Belete Belachew’s Memorial Show PARTNERS: Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise and Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism 6. TITLE: “Addis-1 International Art Exhibition” VENUE: Ethiopian Skylight Hotel - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia EXHIBITORS: Artists from 14 different countries PARTNERS: Local and international individual sponsors (International Partnership)
Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la mesure/initiative ?: 
Members of The Ethiopian Visual Artists Association as well as other local and international artists were able to contribute directly to the economic and social development through their work of arts. This initiative has proved that arts can contribute directly to economic and social development and that stimulating creativity may lay the foundations for alternative development paths and sustainable forms of culture. This initiative has also served as a cultural exchange platform where local and international artists come together to communicate through their arts. As a result, the initiative supported hundreds of local artists to be engaged in the international conversation at the Addis-1 International Art exhibition. Through the exchange of ideas with artists from 14 different countries around the world, our young artists were able to learn how to break into the global art market and become a player in world markets, as this is critical to the artistic and economic vitality of Ethiopian arts. It has also enormous benefits for the Ethiopian audience. Through this initiative, international partnerships, different perspectives, and new voices have given the local art community the broad roots and shared experience and the confidence that will help it to bounce back from adversity.