The Creative Schools Initiative

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:
As mentioned earlier, one objective of the national cultural policy is to highlight the right of children and young people to culture. It is written in the instructions to all government agencies in the area of culture that they must integrate a children’s perspective in their activities.
Funding of the Creative Schools Initiative, which was introduced in 2008, aims to offer all children and young people, regardless of their circumstances, good opportunities to experience professional cultural activities and develop their own creativity The objective is long-term integration of cultural and artistic expression in the work of schools through greater collaboration with cultural operators, which helps to achieve better goal fulfilment at schools. The Swedish Arts Council distributes this funding annually. To be granted Creative Schools funding, the school governing body must draw up an action plan describing how cooperation between the school and cultural life is to be strengthened. In 2011, this comprised SEK 150 million and years 1–9 of compulsory school. All municipalities except one have applied for the funding at least once since 2011.
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

According to the most recent follow-up carried out by the Swedish Arts Council, the Creative Schools Initiative has contributed to increasing children’s contact with professional art and culture, and to increased self-esteem and new knowledge among the pupils. On the whole, both the schools and the participating professional artists are very satisfied with the initiative. It has also been reported that cooperation between schools and cultural life has been strengthened. The challenges that have been identified are, among other things, inadequate planning at the schools and shortcomings in follow-up.

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