EU Council Conclusions on mainstreaming digital solutions and technologies in EU development policy

Union européenne
European Commission, EU Member States and development agencies
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The Conclusions, adopted in late 2016 by EU Ministers for Development Cooperation, emphasise that digital technologies play a strategic role in the development and growth of the cultural and creative industries and, as such, should be used to protect and promote cultural diversity

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The Council Conclusions also

-underline the digital contribution to promoting democracy, good governance, gender equality, inclusion and participation

- stress the importance of the EU's 2014 guidelines on freedom of expression online and offline

- propose a "digital by default" approach to development projects, but with sensitivity to existing digital divides

- welcome the proposal to revise the European Consensus on Development stressing the role of digital technologies in future EU development cooperation

Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

Greater mainstreaming of digital solutions and technologies in EU developent policy.

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