Legislative measures

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

At the national level, the legislation in the field of culture comprises 7 laws, 20 presidential decrees, 50 resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, and over 100 regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Culture.

The main legal act in the field of culture is the Law "On Culture of the Republic of Belarus" of 4 June 1991. Specific aspects of cultural activity are regulated by other laws of the Republic of Belarus, such as the Law "On Libraries in the Republic of Belarus" of March 22, 1995; the Law "On Folk Art, Folk Crafts (Handicrafts) in the Republic of Belarus" of 9 July 1999; the Law "On Cinematography in the Republic of Belarus" of 14 June 2004; the Law "On Museums And Museum Collections of the Republic of Belarus" of 12 December 2005; and Law "On Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Belarus" of 9 January 2006. The functioning of creative unions is regulated by Law "On Creative Unions and Creative Workers" of 16 December 1999 in force.

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers No 724 "On Measures to Establish the System of State Social Public Service Standards" of May 30, 2003 prescribes that agro-towns (modernised villages) must have state-run cultural facilities (a venue for cultural events referred to as "club", a library, showcase venue), as well as per capita annual spending standard for culture in the amount of 1.3 of the base value. The standard should ensure the provision of a minimum set of services rendered by the institutions of culture and the maintenance of traditional cultural institutions. In 2015, the average per capita spending on culture in the country was 1.9 of the base value.

In order to preserve the cultural traditions and to create favourable conditions for the development and creative fulfilment of local craftsmen (handicrafts), Presidential Decree No 225 "On Some Issues Regarding Individuals' Dealing in Crafts" of May 16, 2005 was issued. Presidential Decree No 145 "On Some Taxation Issues in the Fields of Culture and Information" of April 14, 2011 approved the list of VAT exempt services in the cultural domain, and also introduced equal rights of public and private organizations, and encouraged charity and sponsorship. Another Presidential Decree currently in force is No 300 "On the Provision and Use of Grants (Sponsor's Aid)" of July 1, 2005.  Presidential Decree No 5 "On Foreign Grants " of 31 August 2015 extended the list of purposes in the field of culture, where foreign gratuitous aid is allowed.

At the regional level the legislation in the field of culture comprises approximately 100 legal acts of local executive and administrative bodies.

Objectif(s) de la Convention 2005 de l'UNESCO
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