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National Arts Foundation (FUNARTE)
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The Songbook on-line is an online Brazilian Sheet Music Bank created in 2018. Currently, it brings together 1,200 scores divided into three collections: popular music, concert music, and music bands. The texts that guide the collections are available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French to facilitate international diffusion. The songbook is also distributed as a PDF file by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Brazilian Embassies and Consulates Abroad.
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The participation of musicians and musical institutions, publishers, and portals of musical scores confirms the usefulness and the necessity of the Songbook Online initiative with free access. The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that all Brazilian embassies and consulates can promote Brazilian music by making the project link available to students at music schools and conservatories around the world. The international interest in Brazilian music is notorious and it is a strategy of cultural affirmation and generation of copyright to make it possible to access your scores in all musical genres (popular, band, concert).
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