Les jeunes au coeur de l'agenda 2030: conditions, opportunités et défis dans la région Asie et Pacifique

Quand, heure locale: 
Mercredi, 30 Novembre 2016 - 9:00am au Vendredi, 2 Décembre 2016 - 5:00pm
Thaïlande, Bangkok
Type d’événement: 
Catégorie 8-Colloque
Chantal Mairesse (Email: c.mairesse@unesco.org)

Forum regional organisé par le PNUD et l'UNESCO sur l'engagement civique des jeunes, notamment via Internet, en Asie et en Pacifique et sur les conditions nécessaires pour permettre aux jeunes de contribuer activement à l'Agenda 2030.
(la suite de la description est disponible uniquement en anglais) :

UNDP and UNESCO together with partners from the civil society are organizing the Roundtable on Case for Space (C4S) to shine a light on the necessary conditions for young people to be partners and leaders in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals in the Asia and the Pacific region.

Over 3 days, young leaders, experts, youth NGOs and civil society representatives will gather to look at youth’ participation in the region, share good practices and identify areas for action. The event will delve into following issues:
- The youth and the new sustainable development agenda
- Youth grassroots campaigns (online and offline) in Asia-Pacific: trends, forms and impact
- The situation of Youth organizations in Asia-Pacific
- Online freedom and Safety in Asia-Pacific
- Inclusive Online Spaces – the issue of online hate-speech from the youth perspective
- Urbanization, privatization and securitization: what impact on youth civic engagement?