Construire la paix dans l’esprit
des hommes et des femmes


Assistance temporaire

Occasionally, UNESCO needs services provided by persons other than its own permanent staff. These temporary services enable the Organization to deal with a short-term overload of work or to bring in ad-hoc outside expertise. Temporary contracts at UNESCO fall within the following categories:

  • Project Appointments
  • Short-Term Support Services
  • Consultants and Experts

Project Appointments

A Project Appointment (PA), is a contractual modality to cover specific projects or activities of a time-limited duration financed by extra-budgetary funds, in the field and at Headquarters and for technical cooperation in UNESCO Category I Institutes and Centres.


Short-Term opportunities

If you are looking for a short term opportunity in support functions such as office assistance, secretarial, building services at Headquarters (Paris), you may wish to register your CV on UNESCO Experts/Support Services Roster under Short term support services at Headquarters.

Please note that only residents in France may be considered for a short term assignment in a support function at Headquarters.

Consultants and Experts

A consultant/expert is a recognized specialist with particular skills, expertise or knowledge who is contracted by UNESCO for a short period, either in an advisory or consultative capacity or to provide a product or service.

UNESCO encourages men and women candidates from all geographical areas to register their interest for consultancy opportunities on the Experts/Support Services Roster.