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des hommes et des femmes

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Since its creation in 1948, The UNESCO Courier has evolved considerably, both in terms of content and form, but it has always remained faithful to its primary mission: to promote the ideals of UNESCO, to serve as a platform form a dialogue between cultures, constitute a forum for international debate.  

This digital supplement to the Courier offers a selection of articles and interviews related to current affairs.

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Pandemic: the culprit is the man

It is easy to accuse a bat, but is not the indiscriminate destruction of nature and the traditional habitats of species responsible for the pandemic that has taken hold of the world? Experts see a direct link between the loss of biodiversity, mostly of human origin, and the spread of deadly diseases like Covid-19. According to them, the only way to prevent these new diseases from destroying us is to preserve our ecosystems and biodiversity.

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