Nationalité: Namibie
UN Working Languages:
Mr Aaron Nambadi is a curator specializing in museum management, coordination, research, collection and the documentation of the history of the city of Windhoek. As part of this, he is directly involved in the development of the City Museum, the Museum storyline and all its educational and outreach programmes, ensuring that the content of the City Museum is on par with the strategic thrusts of the City and helps to tell its historical part. Mr Nambadi is also a PhD Candidate in History with the University of Namibia and holds a master’s degree from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. The title of his thesis is The Kavango Legislative Council: a critical Analysis, 1970-1989. During his teaching years, he taught history and English to the Grade 8-12 learners at the Senior Secondary level. Regarding his research coordination career at the National Archives of Namibia, he was responsible for ensuring that the various researches funded by the Archives of the Anti-Colonial Resistance and the Liberation Struggle (AACRLS) project and conducted in Namibia and abroad were in line with the National research on the Anti-Colonial Resistance and the Liberation Struggle of Namibia.