Nationalité: Namibie
UN Working Languages:

Mr Roderick Graham April is Secretary-General of the Namibia National Commission for UNESCO. As such, he is mandated to provide advice on UNESCO-related matters, to ensure increased benefits from UNESCO resources and expertise, and to execute, monitor, evaluate, and coordinate contracts. A main part of his work includes the establishment and maintenance of relationships with the UNESCO Secretariat, other Member States, other National Commissions for UNESCO and Offices/Ministries/Agencies in order to ensure full participation in UNESCO’s programmes and activities. He is an avid extensive reader – of English literature, philosophy, academic material, and religion and spirituality – that guide his work and personal growth. Besides his secular work, he loves to engage in his Anglican Priestly vocation, thus his values to love and serve all people. Drawing images from nature and drafting poetry excites him. Being with his family of four, and doing crazy activities together gives him a sense of the fullness of life. He is the holder of the following degrees and diplomas: BA, H Ed, B Ed, MA in History of Education, MA in English Language Teacher Training, Honours in Applied Linguistics and Diploma in Theology. His career spans a period of 35 years.