Nationalité: Gabon
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Mr. Simon Yves Moussodji Moussodou holds a specialized graduate diploma (DESS) in intangible heritage and cultural production from Omar Bongo University (UOB). He was recruited in May 2013 at the Ministry of Culture as a professor of social communication. In 2014, he was assigned to the Directorate of Cultural Heritage Conservation (DCPC) as an agent. He participated in the drafting of the report of the pilot inventory of sites and monuments in the Estuary in June 2014. Appointed in May 2015 to the Gabonese Bureau of Copyright and Neighboring Rights (BUGADA) as Head of the Control and Litigation Department at the Directorate of Legal Affairs, he was responsible for an action of the Convention between the Government and IOF within the framework of the Support Programme for the Strengthening of Cultural Policies and Industries (ARPIC) in November 2015. He participated in trainings on collective management and copyright programmed and funded by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Libreville in 2016. Thanks to his experience and his function, he actively contributes to making the literary and artistic property sector (copyright) legible and visible in Gabon.