1. Support to the Outward Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals

State Secretary for Art and Culture
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Government of Timor-Leste has implemented policies and measures to support the outward mobility of artists and cultural professionals on the promotion of cultural diversity. The programs to support this policy are designed within the National Policy for Culture. Those programs are as follow;
1. Dynamizing of Art; and
2. Supporting the Participation in International Event;
Dynamizing of art is the government program established in National Policy for Culture. The implementation of this program aims to mobilize the professional artist and manifestation of traditional and modern artistic product. This program has been realized through supporting the creativity in artistic demonstrations in several areas, such as; the development of fine arts, music, handicraft, theater, literature, photography, and other audiovisual expressions.
Furthermore, encouraging and giving opportunities to the professional arts from the referred areas to participate in national and international cultural events. The international cultural events that Timor-Leste got to participate are as follow:

1. Expo 2010 Shanghai - China;
Expo 2010 in Shanghai China is one of the world exposition event where participated of 240 (two hundred and forty) countries in the world included Timor-Leste. The participation of Timor-Leste in the international event like this is a great opportunity to demonstrate the richness of its cultural diversity. The cultural representative of Timor-Leste that participated in this event were composed of; the cultural professionals from each municipality,
a Poetry Contestant, three traditional dance groups namely; Le-ziaval, Timor Furak and Lensu-Mutin Suai and a musical band groups called; Lahane Band.

2. Expo South Korea;
The Expo 2012 was held in the city of Yeousu, South Korea. The theme of the Expo was "The Living Ocean and Coast" with subthemes of "Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Ocean and Coast," "New Resources Technology," and "Creative Marine Activities." Timor-Leste was fortunate to participate in this important opportunity to demonstrate and promote the cultural image of the country and at the same time, to encourage the development in cultural sector as a potential area that can contribute to the economic and sustainable development in Timor-Leste.

3. 7th Festival Sabah International Folklore 2012;
The 7th Sabah International Folklore Festival 2012 was held in Malaysia. The festival provides the opportunities for the culture enthusiasts to enjoy and witness the beauty and uniqueness of cultural dances performance by various ethnics of the world to promote peace.
At this event, Timor-Leste through the State Secretary for Art and Culture organized a group of dance which composed of 12 (twelve) traditional dancer to participate in this important event as a way to contribute to peace through culture.

4. Milan Expo Italy 2015;
Coffee Cluster Milan Expo: Coffee Cluster was held in the City of Milan, Italy. The Coffee Cluster was the home to the ten coffee-producing countries, such as Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Republic of Burundi, Republic of Yemen, Rwanda, and Timor-Leste, Uganda. In this event every country displayed the coffee, and cultural object from their own country. Using this opportunity Timor-Leste made presentation of traditional dances, photography and traditional textile exhibition, and coffee tasting.

5. Fiji Festival 2016;
Fiji Festival of 2016 Fiji Festival was realized with the aims to bring the communities together to promote South Pacific culture, food and talented artists. The participation of Timor-Leste in this event was available trough the cooperation of the State Secretary for Art and Culture with the World Bank.
In contribution to the promotion of South Pacific Culture, Timor-Leste came up with traditional dances performed by St. Antonio dance group on be half of all Timorese traditional dances.

6. Pacific Exposition 2019;
Pacific Exposition took place in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2019. The exhibition is designed to be the most comprehensive trade and cultural event in region with business representation from 19 countries. The event aimed at increasing business opportunities and developing networks for business communities, governments, tourism and cultural authorities in the Pacific Region. The participation of Timor-Leste was the representative from different areas as; Trade, Tourism and culture in order to accompany the development of the related areas in the region.

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Reported achievements include:
Major parts of cultural groups have been beneficiated on the implementation of the policies and measures are: Timor Furak Arts and Culture Association, St. Antonio group, Le-Ziaval Cultural Association, Millennium Tais Timor, Wehale Cultural Association, Sanggar Matan, Sanggar Masin, Arte Moris, Boneka Atauru, Lahane Group and Cinco de Oriente.

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Ministry of Foreign Affair and Cooperation
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