2. Law and Policies that Support Dynamic Cultural and Creative Sectors

State Secretary for Art and Culture
Décrivez les principales caractéristiques de la politique/mesure: 

Law and policies that support dynamic cultural and creative sectors in Timor-Leste has implemented since 2011, are as follow;
1. Government Resolution No. 25/2011 of 14 September, on the Protection of Cultural Heritage;
2. Government Resolution No. 12/2012 of 14 May, on the establishment of National Academy of Arts and Creative Industry;
3. Government Resolutions No. 30/2014 of 14 October, on the establishment of National Cultural Day; and
4. Decree Law No. 33/2017 of 6 September, the Legal Low of Cultural Heritage;

Government Resolution on the Protection of Cultural Heritage affirms that; through culture, Timor-Leste should position itself in preserving, enriching and safeguarding its identity, and the protection of culture, ensures the continuity and transmission over generations, the historical and ethnographic legacy of our ancestors and achievements and contemporary values.
The creation of Government Resolution No. 12/2012 of 14 May, as a measure to establish the National Academy of Arts and Creative Industry. The academy will be the center of educating craft and arts in traditional form, including the contemporaneous arts; as well as music, dance and visual arts.
The Academy will address a department, which will conduct researches in cultural area, providing the study on traditional arts to strength the knowledge of cultural diversifications based on the concept of the modern era.

To support the policy on the promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expressions, Timor-Leste has established National Day of Culture on October 14, to dignify Timorese cultural diversity expressions, public awareness, and pay tribute to all who have dedicated themselves in practical artist activities and cultures and enhanced the importance of the country's sustainable development. On this national day, the government organizes cultural festivals that mobilizes all artists from different modalities within the national territory to participate in various programs and competitions, such as (a) traditional dances, traditional music, traditional fashion shows, paintings, poetry, and lectures; (b) shows and appreciation of artist modality from municipalities; (c) seminars on the theme of culture with the aim to empower participant awareness on the importance of protection, preservation, valorization, and promotion of Timor-Leste's cultural heritage; and (d) exhibition programs where cultural professionals can show and sell their cultural products.

Decree Law No. 33/2017 of 6 September was established to create condition for inventorying, preserving, protection and valuing the Timorese cultural heritage; It is also highlighted the citizen responsibility in guaranteeing the cultural diversity, contributing to the protection and dissemination in many sort of cultural heritages.

Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 

Reported achievements include;
1. The establishment of National Academy of Art and Creative Industry is still in progress. Where, the curriculum content and the statute are in process of assessment and approving by the Council of Ministers and President of Republic. The Academy is expected to start in 2021.
2. The National cultural day is celebrated every year since 2015; the celebration is held through National Festival that involves the participation of artists and cultural professionals from all national territory;

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