“Accompaniment of legislative processes for the approval of regulations in the field of copyright.

Society of Audiovisual Directors, Screenwriters and, Playwrights, ATN.
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When we speak of copyright, as is known, we also speak of Human Rights, an indissoluble relationship between the two, which has been enshrined by the UN since 1948 as a fundamental right, and which allows full freedom to exercise freedom of expression and access to creation, dissemination, culture and knowledge in its broadest representations and, diversities. Copyright is a fundamental instrument that human beings and societies have to guarantee the cultural richness of their peoples. Thus, not having a good copyright protection law inevitably condemns countries to not having their own voice or identity. On the contrary, each country would have to settle for what, today, in the audiovisual field, offers a unique view of the North American industry that is financed with the income it obtains worldwide. Instead, authors from the rest of the world have to construct laws so that authors can express precisely the world in its diversity. In our country, it has been ATN that has managed to build a worldwide network of authors, with the aim of guaranteeing its dissemination and the protection of their moral and economic rights. In this way, ATN has signed reciprocity contracts for the mutual protection of the French, English, Polish, Argentine, Brazilian, etc. repertoires, which guarantee the particular worlds from which their authors emerge. Cultural diversity, in this sense, is sustained based on the creative diversity of authors from around the world, since each one of them enriches human development in multiple areas, providing perspectives that allow us to reflect on and transform our realities. The authors, in turn, find in cultural diversity the support that allows each one to have the right to express their own world in a particular and unique way, which encourages an exchange of views and the emergence of new perspectives for our coexistence in society.
Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la mesure/initiative ?: 
The individual and collective struggles of authors and artists for the defense of their rights are also struggles of the peoples for the defense of the expression of their diversity and wealth. In this particular scenario, we find ourselves with the struggle of Chilean audiovisual authors to win their copyrights and it was not until October 2016, when “ATN”, the society that groups together audiovisual and dramatic authors from Chile, managed to in our country the so-called “Ricardo Larraín Law” will be promulgated, thus achieving the recognition of the copyright of national directors and screenwriters, and of the rest of the world, in our territory. ATN continues to fight because it knows that achieving that right will generate an immense incentive not only for the authors to continue creating and deepening the identity and differentiating value of their people, but also so that they can make a living from their work.
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