Action plan for cultural and creative industries

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Since 2007, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications have been cooperating on issues concerning cultural and creative industries. The intention is to strengthen and make use of the potential in the sector. In 2009, this resulted in an action plan for cultural and creative industries which comprises an investment totalling SEK 73 million. The action plan is being implemented between 2009 and 2012 in collaboration with key agencies in the areas of enterprise and culture. The overall objective of the action plan is to strengthen entrepreneurship and enterprise in the area of culture and to promote cultural and creative competence in the business sector to achieve increased competitiveness and innovative capacity.
Within the framework of the action plan, the Government has decided on a number of assignments to, in various ways, deepen knowledge about the sector. This concerns, for example, funding, entrepreneurship in education, statistics, business guidance, etc.
The Government has also appointed a special council for cultural and creative industries. The council has been instructed to assist the Government in the work on the national action plan, but initiating and stimulating a broader discussion of culture and creativity, and what this means both for companies and society at large, are also included in the remit. The council will submit its final report in December 2012.

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