ActionPlan for 2013-2014

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

For efficient implementation of the provisions of the Convention 2005, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine worked out and adopted Action Plan for 2013- 2014, which was approved by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine on humanitarian issues. All stakeholders in culture were involved to develop this Action Plan and its implementation, such as local authorities, municipalities and civil society.

Thus, according to this Action Plan were realized international projects, cooperation between institutions of culture and education both within the country and abroad, especially with neighboring countries in Ukraine; carried out cult~ral exchanges; provided fmancial support to the media; conducted education and educational actions, culture and traditions of Ukraine and various cultures and soon.

In particular, during 2013 in the regions of Ukraine were carried out:

  • Joint art projects as all Ukrainian and international (for example, the festival of the Ukrainian-Polish Art "Music meeting at the Palace Branickis", the National exhibition of fine art and planer airs and etc.);
  • International exchange programs between Ukrainian Universities and the universities of other countries;
  • Inter museum projects between museums of Ukraine and museums of other countries, such as Russia, Poland, Belarus and etc. (for example, cooperation between Sumy and Kursk Regional Museum as part of the cultural cooperation between Russia and Ukraine "Yaroslavna");
  • Joint projects between theaters of Ukraine and theaters of other countries, including Estonia, Poland, Russian Federation, Georgia and etc.;
  • Joint projects between libraries in the country, including under theprogram of libraries' modernization "Bibliomist";
  • Competitions and other activities that are aimed to develop and support of amateur art and promotion of the diversity of cultures and traditions;
  • Radio and television projects (such as a TV project "Historical and Cultural Heritage of Mykolayiv", radio "Spiritual Treasures of Sumy region" or "Pearls of folklore Polessye");
  • Various art collectives of Ukraine, including those who represent the culture of the national minority, participate in international art events abroad, while the foreign creative teams are welcome guests to the artisticevents in Ukraine.

ln 2013 the Ministry of Culture launched a special art project - publication of a photo portfolio "Magic Ukraine" in order to disseminate information about the historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine and to promote national culture and traditions.