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Ministry of Education and Culture. National Directorate of Culture
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The National Directorate of Culture does not have a gender policy of its own. However, it has taken some actions to raise awareness regarding the issue of gender equality.

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financial, institutional
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Women´s Month. National Directorate of Culture. Ministry of Education and Culture
Since 2009 the Directorate has taken part in the international celebrations paying tribute to women during their month. Therefore, every year in March it pays tribute to prominent women from a variety of disciplines. In 2009, Ellas son poetas (Women as poets); in 2010, La pintura es mujer (Women in painting); in 2011, La ciencia es mujer (Women in science); in 2012, La música es mujer (Women in music); in 2013, La prensa es mujer (Women in the press); in 2014, ¿Cuánta cultura nos cuesta la violencia? (How much culture is lost to violence?); and in 2015, El teatro es mujer (Women in theatre).

National Competition of non-sexist toys: This production dates back to 2011 and has not been reedited. It was organised by the Department of Creative Industries (DICREA) of the MEC´s National Directorate of Culture as part of the Viví Culture (Try Culture) project, which was funded by the MDG Achievement Fund via the UN “Delivering as One” process. Support was also provided by  the Handicrafts Division of the National Directorate of Small and Medium-Size Companies DINAPYME (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining). The competition sought to encourage equality-focused processes in playing activities, so as to support the strengthening of a relationship of girls and boys based on mutual respect, as well as dialogue, cooperation and the overcoming of sexist bias, so female and male could cease to be mutually exclusive categories. In addition, an effort was made to reflect on the role of the cultural industry in the construction of the meanings assigned to toys as such through marketing and publicity.

Culture Factories: Work within the Culture Factories programme concentrates on 3 factories operating in the National Rehabilitation Centre for Women No. 5: the culture factory of textile processing and silkscreen printing; the factory of handmade jewellery, and the ceramics factory. Please refer to Appendices.

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Implementing these measures sought to raise citizens´ awareness regarding gender equality, as well as to show what women can achieve in any sphere of society.

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