Agreement to establish the India- Palestine Centre for Empowering Women 2018

Ministry of National Economy
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Representative Office of India- Ramallah
Décrivez les principales caractéristiques de la politique/mesure: 

TURATHI (Under construction) is a national center that would serve as a platform that offers services and spaces to the craftspeople and designers (mainly women producers and designers - 80% of targeted beneficiaries), in order to diffuse design knowledge and culture to improve creativity and competitiveness. The Center would bring together women designers and producers with different institutions as art/design foundations, universities, art/design NGOs to become a common creative think tank and laboratory to synergize the realization of best outputs through an efficient and vibrant product development process targeting feasible market access.
TURATHI is geared to stimulate creativity, targeting the product development process to facilitate feasible and effective market linkages. It includes physical spaces like co-working areas and production workshops, training halls, galleries/showrooms, and business facilities. The Center also include includes a set of activities such as design and product development, enhancing production techniques, and marketing and market access support. It is also a main hub for special creative industries, conferences, exhibitions, and events.
* A physical network to provide services targeting empowering women and youth entrepreneurs utilizing product development within cultural and creative industries through diffusing industrial design knowledge using Palestinian cultural and heritage.
* Integration of the Cultural and Creative Industries into national and international supply chains through increasing competitiveness and market penetration opportunities.
* Creating a dynamic ecosystem that includes the workshops/producers, industrial designers, cultural institutions, universities, and government to better position women and youth entrepreneurs in local and external markets.

Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 

Expected results:
The competitiveness and absorptive capacity of the industry's enterprises is enhanced and vulnerable people, particularly women and youth, benefit from increased opportunities including self-employment, thus contributing to social stabilization and resilience.
1. Serve as an exchange platform for development and ideation of existing and new ventures and startups led by women and youth entrepreneurs
2. Act as the think tank for interdisciplinary business and product development and the presentation of the new lines (mainly Creative Cultural Industries - women intensive industries)
3. Improve technical, managerial, and financial capacities of women and youth entrepreneurs with focus on differentiation through enhancing design and product development capabilities for the Palestine's creative industries and beyond
4. Link women and youth entrepreneurs (production experts) to creative designers and other parts of the value chain for the development of new product lines with Palestinian Identity capable of strongly competing in local and external markets
5. Identify design synergies among the clusters/industries in Palestine
6. Test/prototype design synergies among the clusters/industries in Palestine
7. Detect existing capacities and talents in the workshops
8. Identify technical gaps in the workshops: production capacities, technical specs and finishing, use of technology tools for improving production and staging, product staging, packaging solutions, and other essential tools and skills.
9. Provide capacity building support and technical assistance activities and trainings (mainly on production techniques, design, and marketing among other basic needs for growing business for women and youth entrepreneurs in local and external markets).
10. Develop market opportunities and enhance market positioning and presence of women and young entrepreneurs' products in local and external markets.

Ressources financières allouées à la politique/mesure en dollars américains: 

Five million $

Partenaires engagés dans la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure : 
Nom du partenaireType d'entité
Pal Trade
Secteur public
Business Women Forum
Organisation de la société civile (OSC)
Techno Park Palestine
Organisation de la société civile (OSC)
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