Amendment to the Agreement with the Trade Union of Cultural Workers

The Ministry of Culture
Public Cultural Institutions
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Aiming to strengthen social partnership in the cultural sector, the Minister of Culture and the Chairperson of the Trade Union of Cultural Workers have signed an Amendment to the Collective Agreement that improves the working conditions for the cultural workers. The Amendment, which was signed in December 2019, foresees that cultural institutions financed from the state budget must now allocate funding for training and competence development of their employees. The allocated amount must constitute at least 0.5 percent of the average salary of a cultural worker in that particular institution. Another condition laid out in the Amendment ensures that the timetable of employees working 5 to 6 days a week must be approved by the trade union and must ensure that employees get two days off at least once a month and at least one of those days must be Saturday or Sunday.

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There is no dedicated budget for this measure.

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The Trade Union of Cultural Workers
Organisation de la société civile (OSC)
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