Art Creation Residence

République de Corée
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

The creation residence for professional artists in Korea first began as a public facility run by the state and local governments. Recently, however, it has been actively taking place in the private sector (NGOs and commercial galleries). Artist-in-residence programmes today are no longer simple spatial supports; their aim has changed to include creation by individual artists or groups as well as international exchange. In turn, the programmes strengthen the trend of promoting the diversity of cultural expressions.

Périmètre de la mesure:
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

Examples of few distinct residences are as follows:

- Seoul Art Space, Jamsil Creative Studio (Public): It provides creative spaces for disabled artists. It has also implemented art fairs for the disabled, support of art activities for children with developmental disabilities, and the planning and operation of culture and arts enjoyment for citizens. 

- Old Downtown Creative Space, Totatoga (Public): Creative activities, exhibitions, performances, publications, screenings, and presentations as well as community activities and cooperative works between artists and citizens and between citizens are actively taking place in old downtown spaces. 
- Supplement Space, Stone & Water (Private): It aims to create an art space in daily life. Its main activities include discovering, developing, and supporting artists and providing solutions to problems in local communities through art. 

- Litmus (Private): This is a community space operated by artists, critics, exhibition planners, social activists, workers, and migrants who want to experience art and a new life. It carries out Asian artist-in-residence programmes, culture camps, and arts and culture education programmes. It also develops and conducts diverse programmes to create and exchange culture in the Ansan area (Borderless Village) where Asian migrant communities are concentrated.