Art Maker Lab Learning Centre

İstanbul Modern Art Foundation
İstanbul Development Agency
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The Art Maker Lab Learning Centre, developed, designed, and implemented by Istanbul Modern for children and young people aged 7-15, offers children and young people the opportunity to produce new technologies. Children will also meet with experts from various professions such as artists, software developers, designers, and engineers in the education programs at Art Maker Lab, aiming to contribute to technology usage habits to creative artistic experiences and develop productive and productive, and positive behaviors. "Do Robots Make Art?" The Art Maker Lab Learning Centre program, which includes two different educational activities called "Do Robots Make Art?" and “Art Maker Lab Meeting Events,” are held free of charge for individual participants. Do Robots Make Art?" "Do Robots Make Art?" education program includes five different areas of experience with the titles "Art by Chance," "Snap," "Instant Me," "Growing Game Platform," and "Magic Book," in which children discover the relationship between art and technology. Art Maker Lab Meeting Events On the other hand, art Maker Lab Meeting Events begin with a short conversation to bring children together with architects, engineers, designers, artists, and scientists and continue with short workshop practices that allow children to establish a connection between technology and art programs manager.
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