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Ministry of culture
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The artists participating in residency programmes build bridges between countries and cultures, thus contributing to cultural diversity. Artist residencies are an invaluable adjunct to short-term cultural exchanges, as they permit artists to develop a deeper understanding of their host societies and cultures. At the same time, they create opportunities to provide insight into the cultural background of each participating artist's own background. Consequently, artistic and cultural exchanges and cooperation through residency programmes can increase understanding between countries and cultures.
The residencies are limited to one-month-stays, with the rental, maintenance and travel costs covered by the Ministry of Culture.

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Cultural exchanges and collaboration through mobility strengthen understanding and intercultural dialogue between people and foster tolerant and inclusive societies. Respect for the freedom of artistic expression and a commitment to protecting and promoting the diversity of cultural expression in Europe and elsewhere can connect the local to the global.

Mobility carries benefits for artists and for the public. It is crucial for the success of large-scale international cultural events, as well as for short-term, low-cost collaborative encounters contributing to the development of artists and cultural professionals. Mobility is linked to an aspiration for international visibility and prestige in the arts and cultural sector, while for others it is a 'soft power' tool enhancing political and business relations and a means of promoting cultural exports.

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USD 496,846.00

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