Arts Residencies Programme; PMAN Biometric Card System and Children’s Theatre Festival (CTF)

Society of Nigerian Artists
Performing Musicians Employer's Association of Nigeria (PMAN)
Playback Nigeria
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Décrivez les principales caractéristiques de la mesure/initiative: 
1. Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) as a body has managed to organise Arts Residencies which involves various arts throughout the country and also seminars, workshops, Art Exhibitions, managed information resources and training services for our Artists. 2. The PMAN Biometric ID Card is a two in one Combo card, it is used as an Identity Card and ATM Card for every musician in Nigeria and used within the country and abroad to serve as a form of identity in getting their work permit. This card that is designed to capture the vital information of every Musician In Nigeria and put everyone on a system and in a structure and create a database functionality where every musician is identified anywhere in Nigeria. This card also provides; Health Care Cover Life Insurance Cover A pension scheme is also included It is automatically to MCSN/GOCREATE system, This Identifies each Artists, connect the Artists to his songs and his songs are traced and monitored so that each Artists in Nigeria can also enjoy their Royalties 3. The children’ Theatre festival is a yearly initiative established in 2018 with the partnership and support of international artists all over the world to host and train children globally over 12 weeks to put up diverse performance in theatre & drama, show theatre, puppetry, dance, spoken word and music as a means of cultural exchange among children of diverse cultures leading to a staged performance on May 27 in commemoration of the National Children’s day that addresses socio-cultural issues experienced by children in Nigeria and a means to tackle such issues. The program aims to provide a safe space for children with various artistic skills to express themselves, to discover and train children on how to use diverse art forms, that promotes extraordinary performance by children which defies stereotypes, embraces diversity and inclusivity as well as champions gender equality
Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la mesure/initiative ?: 
Society of Nigeria Artists has achieved wonderful result through 10 Art residences, workshops, seminars and Art Exhibition which Artists got different styles and ideals that turned their works around. Through airt exhibitions, Artists made profits from their works. We have been able create a database for Nigerian artists, the database is used by all the embassy to process documentation for musicians that have obtained the card. As regards the PMAN Biometric ID Card, Nigerian Musicians now have health management organisation scheme running as of today The database has over 11,000 registrants on the system. The system has also helped secure work permits abroad for members of the association.
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