Atlas 1948 Istanbul Cinema Museum

Directorate General of Cinema
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In the historic Atlas Building, the Cinema Museum of Turkey opened one of the most authentic buildings of the city with its historical and cultural texture, in İstanbul-Beyoğlu by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on 26.02.2021. The Cinema Museum has a permanent collection, interactive digital units, a temporary exhibition area, and a collaborative study area where access to international databases is provided.

An approach that “welcomes, entertains, and educates” is shown in the “Cinema Museum,” which aims to offer dynamic space management by diversifying its educational function, including temporary exhibitions along with the presentation of permanent collections to strengthen the thematic concept. The Cinema Museum has been planned according to the visits of all disabled individuals. A multi-language digital guide application has been implemented to allow foreign guests visiting Istanbul to have direct access to the museum content.

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The Atlas Cinema Museum was reintegrated into city life after the restoration of the Atlas Building. The cinema hall, large foyers, and specialized library within the aforementioned structure have been put into use, and it has been possible to host events, seminars, and interviews in the field of cinema and film premieres. The museum contributed to the documentation and transfer of the history of Turkish cinema.

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