Bangladesh Film and Television Institute Bill (Amendment), 2019

Ministry of Information
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Building professional capacities of the young people entering the film and television industries has been prioritised by the Government of BangladeshAiming to create skilled artistes and directors by conducting research and giving trainings and degrees to them, the Bangladesh Film and Television Institute Bill (Amendment), 2019 had been passed in Parliamentin July 2019.
Prior to this, in 2013, the Bangladesh Cinema And Television Institute (BCTI) was established under the 2013 Act. This is the National Institute for cinema and television related education in Bangladesh. In 2014,BCTIstarted with a one- year diploma course in film making. Currently, it is providing a two-year postgraduate diploma in film making. Along with this, BCTI also offers a two- year diploma in television programme and news production. It also offers short courses inacting, script writing, basic cinematography and lighting.
The new amendments in the Bill suggest a four-to-sixmember governing body forBCTI with a provision of keeping a teacher and a director nominated by the government. The tenure of the governing body members would be for three years instead of existing two years. The bill also inserts provisions to arrange trainings and workshops for the people involved in film-making and working in televisions, and confer degrees upon them.

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From 2018 till now, total enrolled student number is 93 in bot short and long term courses.
In Total, 85 diploma production is produced in the year 2018 - 2019.

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