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Since Indonesia became a State Party to the 2005 Convention, it has established bilateral cooperation agreements in the field of creative industries with other countries. In November 2012, the (former) Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia and the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport of the UK (DCMS-UK) agreed to cooperate in the field of creative and cultural industries. On 19 April 2016, a follow up Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the Creative Economy Agency of Indonesia, DCMS-UK, and the British Council in Indonesia. The recent MoU focuses on cooperation between the two countries across all sectors of the creative industries. As part of this MoU, a new programme called “UK/Indonesia 2016-18” will be implemented. The objectives of this bilateral cooperation are:

  • to increase the human resources capacities in the creative industries by jointly conducting various trainings and studies on creative fields such as music, films, performing arts, arts and craft, animation, and digital development, as well as fashion, architecture, design, and cuisine; and
  • to build creative relationships between and showcase content of both countries, with young people and digital innovations as priorities.
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Among the variety of programmes under this cooperation, three are closely related to the areas covered under the 2005 Convention: Digital Culture, Hip Hop Music Collaboration, and Discover Indonesia.

The Digital Culture programme brought together artists, makers, and innovators from the UK and Indonesia to share some of the most exciting digital ideas from the two countries, to play together, and to imagine new collaborative projects. Seven of the UK’s leading creative innovators visited Indonesia to explore the fast-evolving digital sector.

In 2012, the Hip Hop Music Collaboration programme brought together the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company from UK and the Jogja Hip Hop Foundation to create and perform collaborative songs using their native languages – English and Javanese – resulting in a modern cutting-edge dimension of music.

In 2015, the Discover Indonesia programme mounted a month-long tour of contemporary Indonesian performing artists to four cities in the UK, encompassing dance, music, and puppet theatre. Indonesian artists presented their work in some of the most prestigious arts centers and festivals in the UK, including Southbank Centre (London) and the Edinburgh Fringe. The tour was seen by thousands of people, and was the highest-profile showcase of contemporary Indonesian culture in the UK for many years.

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Specific expected results were not available at the time of writing this report.

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State and local budget, although exact numbers were not available during information collection.