Bilateral Economic Cooperation Agreements

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The UAE has signed number of bilateral Economic Cooperation Agreements with several countries from all over the world, and those agreements include culture and the creative industries. The Ministry of Economy signs Agreements of Economic and Technical Cooperation from which emanates a Joint Economic Committee (JEC), in which cultural entities from both countries may participate and propose to cooperate in this field, their proposal is then included in the Agreed Minutes of the JEC.

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The United Arab Emirates has bilateral Economic Agreements with 69 countries. During the period of 2016-2019, the UAE Ministry of Economy has signed Economic Agreements with the following countries:
* 2016: Latvia
* 2017: Lithuania
* 2018: Moldova
* 2019: Cyprus, Uganda, Mali, Belize

Out of the seven countries listed above, the UAE has held a JEC with Latvia on 15-16 December 2019, the Agreed Minutes of which include an article on Cultural Cooperation, as follows:
* Both sides agreed to develop cooperation in the fields of culture and creative industries between both countries
* Both sides expressed their interest to explore the possibilities to enhance the cultural exchange between the two countries

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