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Since 2017, the Swedish Arts Council has been tasked by the Government to initiate, coordinate and follow up on activities that promote reading. Bokstart is one of several initiatives included in this venture.
Since 2015, the Swedish Arts Council has been conducting a national engagement in young children's language and reading development called Bookstart. Similar literacy initiatives exist in several countries and research clearly shows that early, language-stimulating efforts for the family are of great importance for the child's language and reading development. The book launch aims to promote long-term and sustainable collaboration between libraries, preschool and child health care, as well as the professionals who have a mission to work with young children's language development, based on the family.
Bokstart is a national initiative aimed at boosting the language and reading development of young children by strengthening parents in their important role. The initiative is aimed at parents of and adults around young children (0-3 years). Parents are encouraged to talk, read, sing, make up rhymes and say nursery rhymes with their child to develop the child's language and interest in reading. Bokstart is based on collaboration between public libraries, child health care and preschool, all of which are tasked with working with young children's language development. Bokstart also aims to expand and disseminate knowledge about young children's language developement.
Bokstart wants to enable professional groups in libraries, child health care and preschool to meet and collaborate, so they can reach as many children and parents as possible in different ways. The collaboration is a factor for success in terms of ensuring that all children gain equal language and reading skills. Bokstart strengthens parents in their crucial role, enabling them to stimulate their child's language and communication early on. Research clearly shows that early language stimulation is of great significance for the child's development in language and reading.

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Young children's language development is a strategically important issue, for the whole of society and not least for areas with socio-economic challenges. Bokstart also contributes to increased knowledge of young children's language development and reading, as well as to increased collaboration between libraries, children's health care and preschool.

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2019: 990 800 USD
2018: 908 100 USD
2017: 931 000 USD

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Libralies, child health care, preschool, Sweden's municipalities and regions (SKR)
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A national and international knowledge survey will be produced in 2020.

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