Book is the Strongest Bridge Project Between Turkic World Countries

Science and Literature Work Owners' Collecting Society (İLESAM)
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Décrivez les principales caractéristiques de la mesure/initiative: 
The project's main purpose is to introduce Turkey’s authors in Uzbekistan and North Macedonia and bring Turkey to the forefront in the international arena, based on the books donated. Furthermore, based on the unifying power of books, culture, and arts, thanks to the donation of books and "Book is the Strongest Bridge" conference programs, and It is aimed to prepare a foundation of language and literature unity, unity, solidarity, brotherhood, and friendship both within Turkey and in the Turkic World. With the project that will make an impression both in the international arena and in the Turkish World, the project will provide a serious benefit to the promotion of Turkey, considering that it will be an activity that will increase the place, importance, and influence of both Uzbekistan, the people of North Macedonia and Turkey in the Turkic World. Thanks to the book donation and "Book is the Strongest Bridge" conference programs in Uzbekistan and North Macedonia, where the project will be carried out internationally during the 10-month project period, attention will be drawn to Turkish language, culture, history, literature, traditions, and customs as well as art. Although the target region in the project seems to be Uzbekistan and North Macedonia, the main target region is every place where Turks live and where Turkish is spoken, along with the whole Turkic World. Since nations grow with their language, literature, history, culture, and art, it is the culture, art, values, and works that make nations a nation. While collecting the books, booklists will be prepared by taking the requests and opinions of Turkish education institutions in these countries, Yunus Emre Institute, if any, and universities providing Turkish education.
Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la mesure/initiative ?: 
• It will contribute to the increase of cultural ties and dialogue between Turkey and the Turkic World. • By creating an environment for information sharing and improving cultural understanding, Turkey’s cultural expressions are promoted. • Contribution is made to the promotion of Turkey’s writers.
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