Conduct research and events to spread a culture that respects diversity in universities

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Seoul National University Diversity Council
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In March 2016, Seoul National University became the first Korean university that established a diversity council. The purpose of the council was to create a creative academic community and a healthy university culture where they understand and respect diversity. The SNU Diversity Council publishes 「The Diversity Report」 every year, and runs a contest for diversity books and films, a forum for public discussion on diversity, and a student internship program. 「The Diversity Report」 identifies the status of diversity of all members of SNU by yearly basis in the areas of institutions, gender, nationality, job titles, prior school, contract type, and disability. The report also looks for ways to support school life as well as work-and-life balance for diverse members. The Diversity Book and Film Contest is held annually from March to April for all members, and invites the members to write recommendations to refresh interest in diversity. As follow-up events, the Council runs a diversity book concert and a dialogue with audience while watching films of diversity. In addition, there is a forum for public discussion on diversity issues through a policy forum and diversity dialogues, where the results of the SNU Diversity Council research projects are shared. The Council also support students by operating a Diversity Internship Program where students directly participate in creating a community culture that respects and cares about diversity.
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In commemoration of The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (May 21), the Council held a Diversity Book Recommendation Contest, a Diversity Book Fair, and a Book Concert to have an opportunity to reflect on the culture of respect and consideration in the school. The ‘Diversity Book Recommendation Contest’ was held as a pre-event before the book fair. The Diversity Book Fair was jointly hosted with the Central Library, displaying the books that are selected through the screening process. The selected books in the recommendation contest have been exhibited for a month in the Book Cafe on the 2nd floor of the Central Library with their promotional materials and souvenirs since 2009. Lastly, the Council invited the authors of the books for a Book Concert as a follow-up event. From 2022, the Council extended the media to include a variety of books/films for recommendation. Also, in 2021, as a joint project with Arts Council Korea, it researched on ‘Development and pilot operation of an online curriculum for nurturing cultural diversity professionals’ and a basic course is now open at K-MOOC from December 2021.
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