Content Export Integrated Information System 'Welcon'

République de Corée
Korea Creative Content Agency
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As the lack of information in global expansion raised concerns in the 2015 content industry survey, the Korea Creative Content Agency built a content export marketing platform, ‘WelCon’, in 2016. It is an integrated information system that allows users to understand content export information at a glance. The WelCon services can be broadly divided into event & business information, export information, and business. Each division consists of domestic and international content events, market information and business matching support, integrated information on local content market trends and buyers, and business consulting services for global expansion. As the spread of COVID-19 made it difficult for domestic content companies to expand globally in 2020, the WelCon newly launched a marketplace service in 2022. WelCon is a service that provides various services and information for content companies wishing to advance overseas with export capability diagnosis, global expansion consultation, project supports, and events news. It provides information on global expansion of contents that are scattered in 14 related organizations, such as Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and Korea Culture and Tourism Institute, at once. WelCon also consults content’s global expansion, and provides information on content market with high global influence in the genres like broadcasting, animation, character, game, cartoon, publication, and music. For companies that are planning to expand overseas, WelCon provides various services such as export capability diagnosis, overseas expansion consultation, and information on open calls or support offerings. The Marketplace, which launched in 2022, is an online marketing platform to support the business and marketing activities of content exporters, where online direct exchange and business matching between domestic content companies and overseas buyers occur. As a reference, the Korea Creative Content Agency is promoting about 11 international cooperation projects, including the WelCon service.
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The WelCon services can be broadly divided into event & business information, export information, and business. First, 'Event & Business Information' is classified according to content genre and target country, and is largely classified into events hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), and international markets supported by KOCCA or major content event information. The service provides support for application for participation, directory book, and biz matching. KOCCA-hosted events include K-Contents Expo and K-Contents Biz Week. For international markets supported by KOCCA, the service provides support for information on overseas market participation in various fields such as broadcasting, animation, games, immersive content, characters, music, and fashion. Secondly, the ‘Export Information’ program provides insights on domestic content and overseas market trends through K-content news, export support business, overseas market analysis by genre, international trend information, and customized curation service. As for the ‘Business’ program, it provides professional consulting by an advisory group by genre, field, and country in areas like law, intellectual property rights, taxation, finance (investment), marketing, and start-up. The business program is largely divided into consultation for overseas expansion and diagnosis of export capability, and supports the preparation process for domestic content companies' global expansion. From 2022, a newly launched marketplace provides services for domestic content companies and overseas buyers to interact directly through the platform. According to the Contents Industry White Paper, there were 1,522 cases of new information such as content industry trends, weekly global, in-depth analysis reports, global market reports, Hallyu trends, regulations and intellectual property information collected in 2020, with a cumulative of 5,091 cases of export information. It is confirmed that 2,851 database are stored in the domestic content pavilion, and 1,380 database in the corporate pavilion.
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37,831 Million Won, 28.795 Million Dollars /As of 2021
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