Creative Industries Financial Support Program

Décrivez les principales caractéristiques de la politique/mesure: 

In the 2014-2023 İstanbul Regional Plan, under the development axis;

• "Innovative and Creative economy that has a voice in the global economy produces high added value,"

• "İstanbul's expertise in sectors where it can demonstrate its global competitiveness and gain high value-added functions in the international value chain, and development of these sectors” has been put forward as a strategy.

• One of the objectives set for the realization of this strategy has been determined as "Increasing the employment and production shares of priority sectors in İstanbul with high competitive power, especially in tourism, finance, logistics, creative industries, and R&D intensive sectors."

There are 3 main priorities in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) Financial Support Programme:

1-) Increasing Added Value Through Design In Products And Services Produced In İstanbul

➢ Developing interface structures that increase design awareness in businesses, bring designers and businesses together, support the design-oriented transformation of businesses, and provide services such as design mentoring,

➢ Creating venues and programs where industrial designers and engineers can come together and do interdisciplinary work,

➢ Development of models and interface structures that will enable the integration of new technologies (augmented, virtual and mixed reality, blockchain, internet of things, robotics, etc.)

2-) Strengthening The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) Ecosystem

➢ Establishment of centers for the training and employment of qualified human resources needed in the creative industries sub-sectors,

➢ Establishing structures and networks that bring artists together using experimental approaches and strengthening existing ones,

➢ Establishing structures such as thematic libraries, where actors operating in the field of creative industries can follow scientific and technological developments, conduct research and develop the capacities of existing structures for this purpose.

3-) Strengthening Authentic Cultural Production Processes And Local Crafts

➢ Creating joint design workshops that bring artisans and designers together,

➢ Developing sustainable programs and structures that will support artistic development in Turkish music, folk dances, calligraphy, illumination, tile, and carpet-rug,

➢ Developing structures where professionals and young people can come together and share their experiences and a master-apprentice system on subjects determined within creative sectors.

Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 

• Creative industries are expected to consistently support İstanbul's local development in the long run.

• Qualified human resources needed in sectors related to creative industries are trained.

Ressources financières allouées à la politique/mesure en dollars américains: 
2.5 Million USD
Partenaires engagés dans la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure : 
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Culture and Arts CSO’s and NGO’ s / Universities / Research Centers / Municipalities /Technology Transfer Offices