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The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports is in direct charge of the books and reading policy, through the Directorate General of Policy and Cultural and Publishing Industries
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

 This campaign is focused on encouraging, through the establishment of a web quality label, the legal use of digital contents.

Périmètre de la mesure:
Nature de la mesure:
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

The fight against piracy requires a multifaceted and collective international approach.A label is offered, which can be used by the companies and institutions adhered to the campaign, and which allows Internet users to know that the websites of these companies and institutions offer digital contents under conditions of legality (respect for intellectual property rights), quality and security.


Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

At present, 69 companies are adhered to the campaign, representing the sectors of cinema, art, digital books, music and videogames.  

Ressources financières allouées à la mise en œuvre de la mesure:


Objectif(s) de la Convention 2005 de l'UNESCO
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