Cultural exchange activities (Hong Kong)

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

To provide opportunities for local arts groups and artists to showcase their works to audience outside Hong Kong and provide arts sector and the general public with opportunities to appreciate works of overseas arts groups and artists, the Government has collaborated with cultural organisations and institutions around the world in staging various cultural exchange activities. In 2009/10, the Cultural Presentations Section and Festivals Office under LCSD presented and sponsored 221 performances by 94 overseas arts groups and artists. Museums under LCSD have also organised inbound exhibitions from overseas and outbound exhibitions to promote the arts and culture in Hong Kong. For example, 1 056 designers and groups from 43 countries / regions participated in a competition of Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2010, an event jointly presented by LCSD and Hong Kong Designers Association. Outstanding entries were selected for exhibition to showcase the latest trends in global poster design.

To promote the excellent artworks by Hong Kong artists abroad, widen the experience and horizon of local arts practitioners and enhance Hong Kong’s profile as an international cultural metropolis, HKADC has also been supporting cultural exchange projects carried out by local arts groups and artists. In 2011, HKADC offers two grants programmes on cultural exchange, namely “Cultural exchange project grant” and “Cultural exchange between Hong Kong and China project grant”.

Besides, HKAPA provides a Staff Development Fund to support professional enhancement of its faculty, for example, to undertake cultural exchange activities in the Mainland China and beyond. As for inbound cultural exchange, every year HKAPA invites artists and professionals from around the world to teach students on a short-term residency basis or as visiting artists for master classes and workshops.