Cultural participation of vulnerable groups and awareness-raising activities on issues of cultural diversity and social cohesion

Ministry of Culture and Sports/Museums/Ephorates of Antiquities
Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (Universities/Schools)
Ministry of Health/KETHEA
Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

In recent years, Greece has implemented many awareness raising activities addressed to the broader public in order to promote social inclusion and to combat racism.

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Local, Regional, National
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legislative, financial, institutional
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Nationally, most museums and institutions continuously implement educational and other awareness raising activities on issues of social cohesion and tolerance, or activities addressed to vulnerable groups. All these activities, programs and initiatives concern awareness raising and the integration of vulnerable groups, especially refugees/migrants, Roma, former addicts, the disabled, the unemployed and incarcerated persons.

All major educational institutions in higher education run intercultural programs, or incorporate intercultural courses into their curriculum. They also organize national and international fora, workshops and lectures on “otherness” and the acceptance of the different or unfamiliar “other”.

Most municipalities in the country have programs to integrate migrants and generally vulnerable groups and to improve local and regional cultural initiatives. In the last 4 years many festivals have taken place on a local, regional or international level.

The promotion of programs on the purpose of social and cultural awareness in the activities of ERT TV. Numerous artists participated in the cultural and artistic programs, while festivals and other cultural events from every corner of Greece, or the work of Greek artists abroad and of young, emerging artists were widely reported as well. ERT SA,promotes human rights in Greek society in general and the rights of persons with disabilities and sensitive groups (refugees, drug addicts, prisoners, homeless, etc.). ERT SA broadcasts a television program with Arabic-language news containing useful information and broadcasts as well program in 12 other languages.

In addition to the activities carried out by the various cultural bodies, there are specific activities and initiatives that are carried out by social organizations, including grassroots initiatives.

Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

social integration, social cohesion, cultural participation without discriminations

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