Cultural policies and measures targeting creation and production

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Longtime before the ratification of the 2005 convention, precisely in 1989, the Egyptian government had created a special Fund for Cultural development (CDF) with the aim of providing assistance for young artists and undertakjng cultural projects that generate direct impact on the society. The CDF is pursuing this mission through diverse channels and “windows” over the Nile Valley (Annexe 2: Achievement of the CDF over the last 20 years)

In parallel, the CDF rehabilitates old houses and palaces converting those spaces into cultural centers to promote diversity of culture expression. In the large open space of the Opera House (Down Town) a sophisticated center for Creativity took place with the aim of supporting young artist’s activities. (Annexe 3: Powerpoint CD of the rehabilitation of the old Houses – presented by arch. Abuseada in Saudi Arabia meeting for the safeguarding of the Arab Heritage)
The Culture Development Fund (CDF) put in place a panel of centers that cover a large number of culture expressions.

Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

As example, we could mention:
• The center for Creativity ( Hanager )
Basically, the objective of this center is to support young performers, singers, and dancers by providing assistance for the production of their art work. The role of this center is also to supervise young artists in the domain of experimental Theater and provide them with specialists who observe and direct the work of qualified elements. The strategy of the center targets the distribution and dissemination of domestic cultural services.
• The House of the song (Palace of Emir Bishtak)
The objective of this house is to offer training activities in the domain of music and vocal/instrumental sounds. The artists are challenged to produce harmony and expression of emotion with authenticity essence.
• The House of She’r (Beit el Set Wassila)
This place in the heart of the World Heritage site of Historic Cairo is allocated by the Ministry of Culture to promote Arabic literature and calligraphy and to nurture people’s memory of famous Arab poets and poems.
• The House of 3oud (Palace of Harawi)
With the objective of preserving one of the most authentic instruments of oriental music “3oud”, the Ministry of Culture has dedicated the old Mamelouk house of “Harawi” to this purpose. This creativity center aims to:
Record and promote traditional music and musicians in Egypt, as living heritage able to renew the intercultural bridges.
To highlight the vital role of the music in societies and underline its importance from the old time up to now in shaping the imagination of the Egyptian people.
To organize workshops supervised by the most distinguished specialists in the area of oriental instruments.
To offer national prices/ awards with the aim to encourage the perception of this music as a resource for creativity.

Objectif(s) de la Convention 2005 de l'UNESCO
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