Cultural strengthening of community and public radio

Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies
Networks of community, university and regional public interest broadcasters
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Directorate of Communications

To strengthen community and public interest broadcasters as agents of cultural creation, so they may host the expressions of different groups of citizens, fostering plural participation and the recognition of cultural diversity as factors that contribute to the construction of a culture of peace among Colombians.

National Radio of Colombia

• To produce and disseminate inclusive, cultural and general interest content that contributes to the visibility of diversity, promotes participation and democratic values, and helps to build an informed society.

• To improve the citizenry’s appropriation of public radio in Colombia.

• To strengthen the expansion of Colombian public radio through the consolidation of decentralized teams and their content.     


• To create inclusive, cultural, formative and public interest content for the young Colombian population, as well as communication proposals that allow the joint building of content between broadcasters and listeners.

• To promote artistic, environmental and technological creation and management skills among Colombia's young population and content that promotes diversity, historic memory and multiculturalism in that audience.

• To create decentralized content for the young population of the regions that is connected to the mission statement of the broadcaster.

-To improve the positioning of national public radio.  

Périmètre de la mesure:
Nature de la mesure:
financial, institutional
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

Directorate of Communications

Training: seeks to promote spaces for the exchange of knowledge and training of content producers in an integral way, from the social, political, organizational and technical dimensions. 

Production: granting of economic incentives for the production of radio broadcasts by radio stations or broadcaster groups and making of alliances for the production of series or programming slots. 

Dissemination strategies and platforms are provided for the circulation and appropriation of radio content that contributes to the construction of a culture of peace.


National Radio of Colombia

  • A programming grid and an annual proposal of content that is focused on cultural, musical, current events and living memory themed programs that inform and entertain.
  • Coverage and diffusion of the most important general news and current events in the fields of culture and music, and preservation of the sound archive.
  • Creation of special digital products related to life-changing events in the national news, which can be accessed later online by listeners and internet users.
  • Extension and consolidation of the programming grid with content generated by the regions, for the regions, in our own studios.
  • Inclusion in the programming grid of content focused on peace and reconciliation.



  • A programming grid for the traditional radio service and strategies for the development of digital content.
  • Promotion of the search for talented individuals and groups, as well as the positioning and projection of their proposals.
  • Creation and diffusion of content, both on the radio and online, that is able to project diversity, respect and multiculturality from the Colombian social and cultural fabric.
  • Creation of an online programming grid and content depository.
  • Staging of special events and coverage of the cultural, environmental, technological and entrepreneurial incursions of the young Colombian population.
Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

Directorate of Communications

The main expected result with the implementation of the measure is the creation of quality content produced by the community and public interest broadcasters in the country.

Other results are associated with the number of broadcasters and radio production groups trained through workshops and knowledge exchange sessions.

Finally, it is expected that the measure will allow the implementation of strategies for the dissemination and appropriation of the radio content made by producers, radio groups, and community and public interest radio stations.

The following results are a consequence of the implementation of the measure to date:

Granting of 58 economic and technical support incentives for the production of an equal number of radio slots and series.

Training of 1,230 producers of radio content through meetings, workshops, laboratories and diploma courses.

National Radio of Colombia

Strengthening of its content with a view to becoming the media of choice for the dissemination and preservation of the music, culture and traditions of the country.


To be the most important media for the cultural and educational furtherance of young Colombians.

Ressources financières allouées à la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

Between 2012 and 2017, $654.165 USD