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Georgian state has implemented several measures in order to support arts and culture education and the development of new generations of professionals. Notably, 14 LEPLs operating under the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection ensure the artistic and cultural education in the fields of visual arts, music, dance. These organizations are funded by the Ministry of Culture which, in addition, elaborates and supervises organization of different master classes and trainings for teachers of art education institutions.

In addition of these educational institutions, the governement of Georgia has established the International Centre for Education. The mission of the Centre is to contribute strengthening democratic, social and economic development of the country by supporting enhancement of education quality and preparation of professional human resources. The program aims to encourage young people in Georgia, amongst them the students mastering cultural professions, to get involved in academic mobility and obtain internationally recognized academic degree(s) at world leading universities. 

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While 14 the LEPLs ensure the education of future professionals of arts and culture locally, the International Centre for Education provides unique opportunity for young Georgians to obtain education in  the world’s leading institutions. Once scholarship recipients complete their state-funded course(s), the master and doctoral program graduates must return to Georgia and continue working in the relevant sector for at least three years. The most successful graduates will be offered profiled state employment. As well as employment, the program will assist graduates to create social, academic and professional networks that will serve to expand their individual professional contacts, as well as contribute to inter-sectoral cooperation and joint work of the same graduates in projects and research within the public sector. In addition to International Master’s degree and Doctoral programs for 2015-2016, the Centre provides Professional Development and Retraining Program for Public Servants, Partner University Program and Alumni Program. 



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Approximately 5500 students are trained in arts and culture education institutions every year. in 2014-2016 years in total 270 scholarships were granted by the Centre for students obtaining master's and PHD degree at various universities worldwide. The number of qualified cultural professionals was increased in different areas, including arts, conservation and restoration; arts management and policymaking, etc. 10 students of arts and culture are the beneficiaries of the Centre.

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