DAB project - design promotion

Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

DAB project is a program to support new design through competitions for ideas and projects which are directed to young italian designers, under 35. The inspiration of the design should be the cultural and artistic italian heritage. Museum's bookshops and art shops will sell the products. At the same time, they will renew and raise quality of their offer.

2015 is the fifth edition of this initiative.

Périmètre de la mesure:
Nature de la mesure:
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

The measure intends:

- to propose new employment opportunities and create new professional profiles;

- to valorize the projects through exhibitions;

- to incentive the enterprise's production by selling the products in the museum's commercial areas.

Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

The measure is carried out to promote the Italian designers and their production and employment. In the five editions 430 prototypes from 140 designers have been selectioned. There have been exhibitons in several museums: Galleria Civica di Modena,  Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma, Macef di Milano, Castel Sant'Elmo di Napoli, MAXXI di Roma, Museo Ettore Fico in Torino.

Some products have been exhibited in the Triennale di Milano, Museum Expressions of Paris, Open Design Italia of Venice, Mart di Trento and Madre of Napoli.

Ressources financières allouées à la mise en œuvre de la mesure:


Principales conclusions de la mise en oeuvre de la mesure:

In the five editions 430 prototypes from 140 designers have been selectioned and shown in six exhibitions.

Indicateurs utilisés pour déterminer l’impact:
Number of editions and exhibitions.
Objectif(s) de la Convention 2005 de l'UNESCO
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