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The Danish Centre for Culture and Development (CKU) was established as a self-governing institutionunder the Ministry of Foreign Affairs working for the strengthening of cooperation within the field of art, culture and development between Denmark and countries in developing countries Asia, Africa and the Middle East in cooperation with local partners and Danish embassies and representations. Since 2013, the CKU has been responsible for the implementation of the Danish strategy for culture and development “The Right to Art and Culture”, which encompasses five strategic priorites: 1) Empowering people through active participation in art and cultural activities; 2) Ensuring freedom of expression for artists and cultural actors; 3) Enhancing economic growth through creative industries; 4) Strengthening peace and reconciliation in post-conflict areas through art and cultural activities; 5)  Promoting intercultural dialogue and intercultural collaboration. The strategy is available here:

In Denmark, the work of the CKU has been focussing on increasing public knowledge of art and culture from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This is achieved through the Images Festival in cooperation with the Danish art institutions and international curators (see section 3.1). Further, the CKU has annually invited artists from countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East to Denmark, where they run creative workshops and create a global outlook on educational institutions across the country.

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