Development Plan for Public Digital Culture during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period

Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MOCT)
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Through the national information projects such as Broadband China and Smart Cities, and the national platform for public digital cultural projects, a nationwide service network for public digital culture will be set up to provide cloud-based service, making the service more digitalized, network-based, and intelligent. Efforts will be made to set up a hierarchical and distributed database for public digital cultural resources. The resources will be well-structured and used wisely with increasing volume and ever improving quality. Resources that are suitable for online transmission will be further enriched to ensure public availability. The latest scientific and technological achievements will be applied to unblock the channels for public digital cultural services; the service model will be innovated to meet the cultural needs of the general public so as to provide multi-layered, diversified, pertinent and effective services. National Cultural Information Resource-Sharing Project, National Digital Library Promotion Project and the Public Electronic Reading Room Program will be planned and implemented in a coordinated way. Their networks should be open, compatible and interoperable; their specific functions should be clearly defined. In this way, these projects will be complementary to each other and form synergy to enhance overall service efficiency. Social forces will be encouraged and supported to engage in the development of public digital culture. Platforms and channels will be set up and expanded for their involvement; Public Private Partnership (PPP) model will be promoted to encourage and guide social forces to engage in public digital cultural service provision with a view to tapping the market potential to the full. The management of public digital culture will be strengthened; its mechanism for scientific research and development, content enrichment, standard specifications formulation, and performance assessment and evaluation will be improved. This will make the management more scientific and standard-based.
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Competent cultural departments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities
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parties involved in public digital cultural development
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