Ensuring access to culture

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:
Ensuring access to culture is one of the priorities of Armenia's state cultural policy, in particular: A special creative centre has been established for children from boarding schools and orphanages in Armenia with state support for the purpose of ensuring “physical” access to culture; AREV programme for communicating information to visually impaired persons has been installed in libraries and information panels of the Brail system have been placed on historical and cultural monuments; newly constructed buildings of cultural centres are by all means provided with entrances for persons with reduced mobility. On the other hand, the problem with old buildings remains unsolved, and the Ombudsman has also mentioned that in his 2013 report.
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:
Ensuring information access to culture – electronic governance functions on the basis of the principle of absolute transparency and processing, transfer and dissemination of electronic resources, and interactive state budget is one of the components of electronic governance. A user has the opportunity to obtain data online with the help of electronic governance, starting from the total amount of expenses and the balance at the given moment, and ending with specific state expenses related to relevant programmes. The programme is linked to the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury of the Republic of Armenia, which allows presenting the situation at the given moment. A system of electronic applications for registration of intellectual property with the respective search function also functions as a part of electronic governance, as well as an example of access to culture, meaning the modern website of the National Gallery that provides the opportunity to become acquainted with the samples of the museum. Ensuring geographic access to culture - at the expense of decentralisation, as a result of the application of mobile programmes, in particular Museum on Wheels, KINOASHUN (FILM AUTUMN) mobile library, Family Librarian, Golden Apricot on Wheels and others.
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