Examples of concrete projects: C:ONTACT and Rappolitics

C:ONTACT and Rappolitics
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The integration of culture in sustainable development policies is an important goal for Denmark on both the national level and the international level. It should be noted, that sustainable development often in Denmark is referred to as environmental sustainability. This section, however, views sustainable development in a broader sense encompassing examples of ways of using art and culture to address challenges and needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (cf. Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987). One such challenge is that of social inclusion and integration, which this section entails two concrete projects aimed at addressing on a national level. On an international level, this section describes one project aimed at enhancing arts education and one project aimed at culture and environmental sustainability.

Please note, that not all of the key questions a-i are relevant for each measure. Therefore, the questions will not be addressed individually, but instead sought incorporated into the overall description of each example.

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Local, International
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C:ONTACT is an independent foundation dedicated to ethnic, social and cultural integration and education using personal story-telling in a wide variety of stage productions to form the basis of living encounters between people with different backgrounds. Through earmarked national funds for projects and initiatives with a social, health and/or employment scope (“Satspuljen”), the Danish Government is supporting C:ONTACT with 699.150 DKK in 2016 to the project Democratic platforms for ethnic minority people stories. The objective is to combat the prejudices that are prevalent particularly concerning immigrant women in Denmark. The activities are based on mediating personal stories about the women’s lives and their life situations through “dialogue events” with ethnic Danes, especially students. Further, the project aims to prevent discrimination and increase understanding. At the user level the goal with the project is to give the participating women an opportunity to express themselves and thereby feel better prepared and equipped to participate in society as active citizens. [...]

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[...] Rappolitics is a non-profit organisation based in Denmark aiming at promoting youth empowerment using a creative and constructive focus on urban artistic expressions (“raptivism”), dialogue and democratic awareness-raising. The Danish Government is supporting Rappolitics with 650.000 DKK in 2016 to the project “RAP:ISTAN – Rap music and poetry against discrimination and for integration”. The objective of the project is to establish a platform for dialogue and civic participation among students and young refugees. The target group includes around 110 young refugees and 1000 school students from across Denmark. The activities are based on dialogue particularly focusing on “fighting” ignorance and intolerance and thereby also discrimination. At the user level, the aim is to reduce isolation among young refugees and to reduce discrimination through youth-to-youth dialogue.

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