Unique ID MeasureUnique ID ReportYear of Periodic ReportCountryMeasureEditorialized titleSDGsAreas of MonitoringSpecial CategoriesCultural DomainsFull URLCanonical URLInnovativeb. Key objectives of the measurec. What isc.1. the scope of the measurec.2. the nature of the measurec.3. the main feature of the measureContext of the measureCultural Value Chaind. Does it specifically target individuals and/or social groups as defined in Article 7 of the Convention?Does it specifically target young people?Does this measure/initiative receive or has it received International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) funding?e. What are the results expected through the implementation of the measure?f.1 Name of agency responsible for the implementation of the measuref.2 Financial resources allocated to implement the measureh. Was this measure introduced or revised in order toh.1. Implement the provisions of the Convention?h.2. Support/nurture policy discussion inspired by the Convention?h.3. Other reasons unrelated to the Convention?i. Has the implementation of the measure been evaluated?i.1 At what level the evaluation was conducted?i.2 What were the main conclusions?i.3 Which indicators were used to determine impact?List targeted individual/social groupsPartner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measureSpecial CategoriesWebsite