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In June of 2013 at the Banff World Media Festival, the Eye on Canada brand was launched as part of a national strategy to promote Canadian content. It was developed by Telefilm, the Canada Media Fund, and the Canadian Media Production Association to unite all initiatives surrounding the promotion of Canadian audiovisual content and to resonate with various audiences at home and internationally. The brand is a conversation-starter for use by all Canadians to celebrate and promote the diversity and quality of Canadian audiovisual content, including feature films, television and digital media.

The site www.eyeoncanada.ca is a user-friendly online property that celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of Canada’s thriving audiovisual industry. Users of the site, which is updated regularly, will find new original content like interviews with cast members, producers and those involved in the creative process.


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The Eye on Canada branding initiative resulted in the creation of a bilingual website: http://www.eyeoncanada.ca/  and a growing discussion on social media with the hashtag #eyeoncanada.

On the website, contemporary Canadian screen-based content is curated for Canadian and international audiences, and allows viewers to browse or search for works. Designed with consumers of Canadian feature film, television and digital media, such as videogames, in mind, the website features profile pages on Canadian productions – past and present – featuring trailers, official pictures and production details, including information on lead cast members. The website also provides access to dynamic social media content so that users can follow and join the conversation on their favourite productions or discover new ones. It invites users to share and engage in conversations through the use of the hashtag #eyeoncanada, which unifies online discussion about Canadian screen-based content. Introduced in 2013, this hashtag is used as a reference by a growing number of supporters of Canadian content.

Users are able to access curated editorial content from well-known Canadian bloggers and vloggers regarding the latest news from the Canadian screen-based entertainment industry. A newsletter also allows subscribers to be the first to know about updates to Eye on Canada.

To help to make eyeoncanada.ca a destination for Canadian content, producers are invited to submit their film, television, and digital media productions to the Eye on Canada collection through an online form found on the website, making it easier for audiences to discover their work.

For more information, please see: https://www.telefilm.ca/en/news/releases/2015/03/03/eyeoncanadaca-celebrates-canadian-television-feature-film-and-digital-media

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It is expected that the Eye on Canada brand will help promote Canadian screen-based content both in Canada and internationally. The website www.eyeoncanada.ca is expected to broaden audiences, helping Canadian producers gain exposure. Finally, the #eyeoncanada hashtag being used throughout social media will help to promote the national discussion about film, television and digital media.

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