Feasibility Report of Incubation Centers in Creative Culture Industries

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A report on "Incubation Centers in Creative Culture Industries" has been prepared within the scope of the 11th Development Plan and Presidency 2020 Year Programme to support the cultural industries. The report has been prepared by Baskent University Creative Culture Industries Research and Application Center, and 90 culture and arts incubation centers operating worldwide have been examined, and a model proposal is presented for Turkey.

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• With this study, the perspectives of people who work actively in Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) towards culture entrepreneurship and culture and arts incubation are shared.

• Existing examples to support entrepreneurship in cultural and artistic incubators and creative fields active in the world are determined and examined.

• The information obtained from the field research and the contents of the one-to-one interviews representing incubation centers are compared.

• Legislative infrastructure of current science-technology incubation processes and related supports are examined. In this context, laws, regulations, circulars, and communique aiming to carry out and support entrepreneurship and incubation activities in the field of technology and support and incentives provided in the field of CCI are examined.

• In order to produce content for CCI’s and support culture and arts entrepreneurship, an incubation model specifically for Turkey is proposed, and concrete suggestions regarding the role of relevant institutions were put forward.

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