Global Challenges: Climate Protection - Environmental Certificates for Cultural Institutions

Kunst Haus Wien
vorarlberg museum
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Environmental certificates are important means facilitating an environmentally sustainable approach within cultural institutions. The implementation of environmentally friendly measures within "green cultural institutions" highlights art and culture's contribution to environmental concerns and climate protection. Below, two examples are outlined in detail:

1. The Kunst Haus Wien was the first museum to be awarded the Austrian Ecolabel (,,Osterreichisches Umweltzeichen") in 2018. It takes an eco-friendly, sustainable approach on programmatic aspects and considers sustainable and eco-friendly aspects in the set-up of work processes. All workflows are continuously checked against their environmental impact and adjusted accordingly. Kunst Haus Wien's sustainability concept elaborates on the most important measures that the museum implements to ensure ecological sustainability.

2. The Vorarlberg museum has been re-awarded the ECOPROFIT certificate in 2016 due the very consistent internal and external energy monitoring and the implementation of numerous energy efficiency measures, which have significantly reduced energy consumption in all areas.

Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 

Ad 1. As part of the implementation of the eco-label, significant improvements in sustainability and energy saving were achieved at Kunst Haus Wien. The measures taken include the replacement of halogen lights in the museum with LED lighting, the creation of a waste management concept, the establishment of a central waste separation system for visitors as well as the creation of energy-saving and waste separation guidelines for offices and employees. In addition, a certified external cleaning company was commissioned and the careful handling of chemicals in the museum's operations was ensured. Also, the recycling and secondary use of exhibition architecture and packaging material during exhibition set-up, transport and storage was promoted. The museum shop was checked for regionality, plastic packaging and batteries are avoided. Office materials and printed materials, such as invitation cards, folders, exhibition catalogues etc. are produced exclusively on chlorine-free paper in a certified print shop (Austrian environmental label, EU ecolabel). The educational programme within the museum now includes sustainability topics such as loss of biodiversity, unfair water distribution, recycling, the Green Museum. A specifically sustainable exhibition programme contributes further to the framework of the Green Museum. The Kunst Haus Wien invites artists who work on issues such as sustainability, climate change, recycling, urbanism or cross-generational responsibility from a critical and innovative perspective.

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Ad 1: EUR 105,000 / USD 114,000

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