Guide to Uruguayan Celebrations

Ministry of Education and Culture
Ministry of Turism
Oficina de Planeamiento y Presupuesto.
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Get to know the cultural diversity of our country and celebrate it. The traditional celebrations included in the guide highlight only a few festivals. Due to their importance for the towns and villages, the benefits derived and their identity-defining role for the territories they belong to, the celebrations and festivals generate a special interest. Some of the festivals, which are celebrated throughout the year in the country´s 19 departments, attract tens of thousands of people, whereas others call the attention of just a few hundred.

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There have been two editions of the Guía de Fiestas Uruguayas so far in 2013 and 2015.
Drafting and editing of the guide is jointly undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism, the Planning and Budget Office and the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Festivals and celebrations rely on local organisations in the towns and villages. All the details are looked after with great care so as to present the places in a most favourable way and display the pride of the organisers, as it  translates into voluntary engagement. All the celebrations act as drivers of development at a local level and as meeting points; they shape identities, which strengthen a sense of  belonging and underline the pride of each community. The guide aims to give its readers an idea of a diverse and interesting country and acts as a valuable tool for the dissemination of Uruguay´s cultural wealth.

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The guide of festivals and celebrations aims to celebrate and reveal Uruguay´s cultural diversity out of the conviction that festivals and celebrations are meeting spaces, where identities are shaped and diversity is protected.

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